Thursday, September 9, 2010

"Freeze" has been lifted.

Sooo, I haven't written in a while... I know. We also haven't herd much from the recruiter in a while. He had informed us that Louisiana's National Guard had been on a freeze until September because they have too many people enlisting (which is good, I guess). The other day he contacted my boyfriend so I guess the "freeze" is up. I have prolonged the inevitable long enough, my man is going to be a soldier again. Honestly, I couldn't be prouder. :) 

I ran into an old friend who I went to high school with, ironically enough...her boyfriend had just left for basic. He is in the air force, and I've gotten pretty close to her. We've gone through the last 7 weeks together and she has 2 left until she gets to see him for a few days at his graduation. I obviously have no idea what it's like considering I haven't gone through it myself yet but I tried to be there as best as I could.

We ordered our "support our troops" R.E.D. (remember everyone deployed) shirts for Friday...we're excited to wear them tomorrow...together! :)

Wear red Friday's. 

NG Girlfriend,