Tuesday, November 30, 2010

It's official

It's been a LONG 4 months and 3 recruiters later that we are finally getting answers. Before Christmas he will be sworn in and in July he will be heading to boot camp and AIT for 7 months. :( That seams like a LIFE TIME! Right now, I think I'm mostly upset about him missing me graduate from college. Hope that I'm showing him how proud I am and not so much of the fear I'm having about the situation. 

We did get a puppy though :) everyone...meet Rory!

NG Girlfriend,

Thursday, September 9, 2010

"Freeze" has been lifted.

Sooo, I haven't written in a while... I know. We also haven't herd much from the recruiter in a while. He had informed us that Louisiana's National Guard had been on a freeze until September because they have too many people enlisting (which is good, I guess). The other day he contacted my boyfriend so I guess the "freeze" is up. I have prolonged the inevitable long enough, my man is going to be a soldier again. Honestly, I couldn't be prouder. :) 

I ran into an old friend who I went to high school with, ironically enough...her boyfriend had just left for basic. He is in the air force, and I've gotten pretty close to her. We've gone through the last 7 weeks together and she has 2 left until she gets to see him for a few days at his graduation. I obviously have no idea what it's like considering I haven't gone through it myself yet but I tried to be there as best as I could.

We ordered our "support our troops" R.E.D. (remember everyone deployed) shirts for Friday...we're excited to wear them tomorrow...together! :)

Wear red Friday's. 

NG Girlfriend,

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Roles Reversed.

Funny how for the last month, with all the talk of Drew reenlisting, has made me wonder what it would be like when he is actually away. Well before we even have to experience that, I'm leaving ...to go visit family in Brazil. Completely different situation, I know...but it's the first time we will be apart for more than a day since the first day we met 5 months ago. Strange feeling to think I won't see him for a whole week. Yes, just a week...haha. He left this morning for work and a small piece of me left with him...hopefully this week will fly by but at the same time I also hope I have a good week. 

I'll let you know how it all goes... & I'll take lots of pictures!

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Nothing is set in stone.

SOO, I'm starting to learn that plans are constantly changing in the military. My boyfriend was supposed to get sworn in this passed Monday but the Navy hasn't sent some papers he needs so we had to cancel his appointment to MEPS. Not sure when he has to go back but I am a little excited they had to cancel because I wasn't going to be able to attend on Monday. (& it's something I would like to be there for) Since then, my boyfriend started to look into ROTC. We have a meeting on Friday to go speak with someone at our local college to see what that's all about. Seems like a good idea, to get a degree while your getting trained BUT you pretty much have to go active afterwards from what I understand..? I've been SO emotional lately... I think the root of it all is this constant uncertainty. I wish I just knew what to expect so I can begin to prepare for him to be gone, or know that he wont have to leave for a while & not have so much anxiety about it. My dad has instilled in me since I was a little girl that you should always have a plan...& if that falls through, have a second one to fall back on. I always had the hardest time getting two plans together & for the first time in my life I have like 398573 plans. Drew (my boyfriend) keeps telling me to just live day by day but that's way easier said then done, I want to know it's all going to be ok. Hopefully I'll know what's going on soon...maybe after we speak to the ROTC guy on Friday we'll have a better idea on the choice he wants to make so we can start to plan our life - together.

Dear Lord Give me the heart to see the difference between duty and his love for me. Give me understanding that I may know when duty calls he must go. Give me a task to do each day to fill the time when he is away. Lord, when he is in foreign land keep him safe in your loving hands. Lord when duty is in the field protect him and be his shield. Lord when deployment is long please stay with me and keep me strong...

NG Girlfriend,

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Army Wives

So, I decided to order the first season of Army Wives off eBay so that I can get into it now that the army is part of my life. For whatever reason, it still hasn't gotten here ... so this morning I went on Lifetime.com and watched the last two episodes of the 3rd season. Needless to say at 6:30 this morning, I was BALLING...they left for deployment and to think I'll be one of those women having to watch my boyfriend/fiance/husband get on a plane and fly away for a year broke my heart. I know though, at the end of the day...that it's his passion & I'll stand beside him with that because he is very supportive of the things I would like to accomplish in my life as well. We are a perfect couple, in an unperfect situation...time to make the best of it.

NG Girlfriend,

Saturday, July 31, 2010

Some subjects make the heart grow fonder.

I never thought, in a million years, I would actually find a guy who fit the description of "everything I've wanted"; nor did I think the same guy would tell me 4 months later that he was going to reenlist to the National Guard. He was in the Navy for 4 years prior to us meeting so military is nothing new to him; but it is to me. I know NOTHING about it... I don't know what to expect. My boyfriend is trying very hard to paint this pretty picture of what it all is going to be like (bless his heart), but I have this eery feeling it wont be anything like that. I also have a feeling it wont be just a 3 year thing. If I've learned anything about him it's that, protecting the people he loves is something he is passionate about. I have a feeling that military is going to be something that's part of his life for a long time. Which is fine, I'm just so overwhelmed with it all. I have bought books already that are supposed to "help" with the whole process but most importantly... the BIG D (deployment) but honestly, they just gave me more anxiety. Loving someone in the military is nothing anyone can relate to unless you've done it. Knowing that this person a) has to be away from you for extended periods of time and b) is in harms way sits terribly in the heart of those who love them. It makes you look at life in a different way, you no longer get upset about the unimportant things because you know that what is important is to love and cherish the people around you and the time you have with them. Luckily my family is supportive because NONE of my friends understand...they all keep asking me why I am willing to "put up with this". Funny thing is, I'm the one in the situation and I never once looked at it as "putting up with". It's just a new phase in my life...maybe even something positive. I'll have to learn to rely more on the power of prayer, my family and it seems I may even make some new friends out of the deal. We'll make it, there is no doubt in my mind about that...it's just going to be a LONG journey, so buckle up and enjoy the ride. :)

NG Girlfriend,